Project Overview


3D & 2D Animation

Throughout the video production process, various professionals are involved, such as producers, directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, editors, sound engineers, and visual effects artists. The complexity and scale of a video production can vary, ranging from small-scale projects like social media videos to large-scale productions such as films, commercials, or documentaries.

01. Pre-production

Hiring a video agency can be beneficial for businesses and organizations that want to create professional and high-quality videos but may lack the in-house resources, Islamic Knowledge or expertise to do so.

By working with The Islamic Media Centre & Services TIMCS, we can leverage are skills, equipment, and experience to produce impactful videos that effectively communicate your message and engage your target audience. TIMCS can also offer additional services like animation, motion graphics, 3D modeling, virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) content creation, live streaming, and more. We specializes in creating and producing videos for various purposes and for all ages.

02. Websites, Marketing & Solutions

Performance marketing may involve using various types of digital marketing and advertising channels, including the following: Display ads include banner ads and other types of visual advertisements that display on websites your audience visits. These ads typically include a visual element with copy and link to a landing page where users may convert into leads or customers. Using online advertising platforms you can target your ads to users whose interests, demographics, or online activity matches those of your target audience.

“ Your work is your signature, what is the point in being average.“
Abdul Hakim / Head Of Idea

03. The Result

Your desired results should help lead you to improvements and growth, using TIMCS will help and support you on your journey to success, our professional team is innovative and adventurous. Striving for perfection is our standard ambition.