Project Overview


Lectures / Conferences / Classes

Here at the Islamic Media Centre & Services we do not compromise on quality when it comes down to islamic content. Our recordings / Services / Websites & Content are of the highest quality. 

01. Islamic Education

Hiring from TIMCS will be beneficial for your business/charity if you want to create professional and high-quality content or website.

Are team consists of professional Script writers / Storyboard illustrators / Video editors / Graphic Designers & Website Developers.

02. Hiring

Hiring equipment from TIMCS comes with either a cameraman or team. Please visit the Hiring equipment page to see what equipment is available and the costs for each item. 

“ Filming the video content using professional-grade equipment, lighting, sound, and other production elements. “
Abdul Hakim / Head Of Idea

03. The Result

We will help you build your audience and your social media presence as well as help you produce a memorable and beneficial event. 


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